Digital Marketing Is The Most Demandeble  Platform In The World. PIIDM Is Best Digital Course & Training Institute In Pune. Digital Marketing Is Most Powerful Platform, Any One Should Apply For These Platform. Students, Job Seeker can Learn Digital Marketing & Get Knowledge It Easily. These Platform Can Help Anyone To Boost Your Career. If U Do Not Wish To Work Anywhere U Can Work As A Freelancer & Be Your Own Boss. If You Starting Your Own Business Digital Marketing Is Perfect Tool To Grow. piidm Digital Marketing Courses In Pune Will Help You To Get More Knowledge & Experience To Grow Your Carrer.

  • Learn 30+ Module, 10+ Sub Module, Seo, Smo.
  • Free Domain & Hosting.
  • Email & Sms Marketing.
  • We Provide 100% Placements & Interview Preparation.
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Why PIIDM For Digital Marketing Course In Pune ?

Digital Marketing Overview

Website Planning Creation

App Creation

Graphic Creation

Video Creation

Advance SEO

Local SEO

App Optimization

Video Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Automation

Search Engine Marketing (Adwords)

Online Display Advertising (Adwords)

E-Commerce Shopping Advertising (Adwords)

Video Marketing (Adwords)

Mobile Marketing (Adwords)

Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Quora Marketing

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing

RE-Marketing & Conversion

Lead & Traffic Generation For Business

Advance Google Analytics

Google Webmaster


Google Adsense

Affiliate Marketing

Content Marketing & Copy Writing

Online Reputation Management

Growth Hacking Overview

What We Tech

Digital Marketing Overview

  • What Is Marketing?
  • How We Do The Marketing?
  • What Is Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  • Case Study Of Digital Marketing
  • Latest Marketing Trends

Local Seo

  • What Is Seo
  • Importance Of Local Seo
  • Compliting The Profile
  • Local Seo Ranking Signals
  • Local Seo Negative Signal
  • Submissions


  • What Is SEO
  • How To Do SEO?
  • How Search Engine Works?
  • Impotrtance Of SEO
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization

Content Marketing

  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • What is Content Markteting
  • Keyword Reasearch For Content
  • Creating Content
  • Content Marketing Channels

App Store Optimization

  • What Is Aso
  • Importance Of Aso
  • Understanding Aso
  • Aso Stratergies
  • App Title
  • App Description

Website Planning

  • What Is Website
  • WordPress
  • Understanding The Internet
  • Understanding Website
  • Web Page Creation

Search & Display Advertising

  • What Is Search Ad?
  • What Is Display Ad?
  • How Display Ad Creat?
  • Benifits Of Display Ad
  • Mobile Marketing Format
  • App Creation Stratergy

Video Marketing

  • Importance Of Video Marketing
  • Creat a Video Campgain
  • Location Targeting
  • Types Of Ad Format
  • Targeting Option In Video Ad
  • Measuring Result Of Campgain

Remarketing & Conversion

  • What Is Remarketing
  • Introduction To Remarketing
  • What Is Coustum Audience
  • How To Do Remarketing
  • What Is Reach
  • What Is Impression

Social Media Optimization

  • What Is SMO
  • Working Of SMO
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing

Facebook/Instagram Marketing

  • What Is Facebook Marketing
  • What Is Instagram Marketing
  • What Is Campaign
  • How To Set Up The Business Profile In Instagram
  • How To Creat The AD

Twitter Marketing

  • What is Twitter Marketing
  • How To Select The Audience
  • How To Set Up The Campgain
  • Add Format
  • Bidding Stratergies

Linkedin Marketing

  • What Is Linkedin
  • Types Of Ad In Linkedin
  • Types Of Promotion
  • Ad Format
  • Bidding Stratergies

Google Analytics

  • What Is Google Analytics
  • How To Generate Code
  • Types Of Options In Analytics
  • Analytics Account Structure
  • Introduction To Analytics
  • Measuring Result Of Campgain

Online Reputation Management

  • What Is ORM
  • How To Do ORM
  • Why We Do ORM
  • Generate ORM Code
  • Examples Of ORM
  • Case Study

Email Marketing

  • What Is Email Marketing
  • How To Do Email Marketing
  • Importance Of Email Marketing
  • What Is Mailchimp
  • Types Of Campgain

Google Adsense

  • What Is Google Adsense
  • How Google Adsense Work
  • Privacy & Policy of Adsense
  • Adsense Code Installation
  • Basics Of Adsense
  • Different Type Of Add

Affilate Marketing

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Do Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Marketing Stratergies
  • Importance Of Affiliate Marketing

Lead Generation For Business

  • What Is Lead
  • How To Generate Lead
  • What Is A/B Testing
  • How To Do A/B Testing
  • Conversion Of Leads To Sales

App Creation

  • How To Generate The App
  • What Is Appypie
  • Importance Of App
  • How To DesigneThe App
  • Benifits Of App

Social Media Automation

  • What Is Social Media Automation
  • What Is Buffer
  • What Is Hotsuite
  • What Is Postcorn
  • Performance Analysis

Whatsapp Marketing

  • What Is Whatsappp Business
  • Business Profile
  • Whatsapp Channel
  • Mrketing Services
  • Business Feature
  • Auto Replie

You Tube SEO

  • How To Do YouTube SEO
  • How To Creat Channel
  • Youtube Ranking Factor
  • Promote Your Video
  • Keyword Research

SMS Marketing

  • What Is SMS Marketing
  • How To Do SMS Marketing
  • Working Of SMS Marketing
  • Effectiveness Of SMS Marketing
  • Bulk SMS
  • And Many More


Piidm is 100% Practical Oriented Course. We Provide 30+Mudule, Interview Preparation, Free Domain & Hosting, 100%Job Assistance, 10 Certification

Youn Can Take Extra Time For That During & After Class. Simply Ask Your Trainer About The Topic.

We Provide 100% Placement Assistance & Interview Preparation. Hr Team Will Guide With Interview prepararation During & After The Class.

Certification Is Play Very Big Role In Your Course. It Increase Your Chances To Get Hired In Company. Also Helpful To Get Freelancing Project & Many More.


PIIDM (Pashium International Institute Of Digital Marketing) had started in Mid Of Year 2018, with vision of empowering people with Digital Knowledge. In India many institute just teach theoretically in the name of practical course, many thugs students with 100% placement guarantee. 90% Digital Marketing Trainer them self have Zero knowledge about digital marketing, they teach people modules likes blogging, adsense or affiliate marketing but truth is they them self does not have their single blog, never earned single penny from adsense or affiliate marketing but they teach students all this. This all made us very sad then we decided to start our own Digital Marketing Training In Pune were we can guide students on correct path we can show them actually Digital Marketing is not only about just running marketing campaigns but their is lot more. We hire trainer who has really implemented all the modules so that we can show you 100% result.

Customers reviews

This course really helped me to grab new client & also in brand awareness ! It was really worth to learn from expert which helped me grow my business.
Adam Sendler
Ms. Mila Kunis is HR of our Institute. She has been practicing as an HR and placement officer past a year at Victorious Digital. She is very passionate about her profile.
Mila Kunis
Digital Marketing Is Not Only Just About Running Advertising Campaigns, Thanks PIIDM For Helping Me To Get Passive Income From Blogging & Freelancing !!!
Mike Sendler